Terms and Privacy policy

  1. Registration is voluntary and not required.
  2. Registration is free.
  3. Registration can be done in here.
  4. Application undertakes not to provide information on the personal data of the registered person (including e-mail address) to third parties.
  5. Application undertakes not to send ads to the registered person's e-mail address.
  6. The registered person agrees to receive important information about the website by e-mail and using provided e-mail address for administrative activities, such as changing or resetting the account password.
  7. The registered person may at any time delete his account along with all collected data using the button available in the custom settings.
  8. Application reserves the right to delete an account without informing the registered person and without providing a reason.
  9. Application reserves the right to update these regulations and undertakes to immediately inform the registered person of this fact.
  10. The person registering on the website automatically accepts these regulations.